Midland Veterans League 12/05/04

 1st        R.S.C.                            120
 2nd       Tamworth                       89
 3rd       W&B                                88
 3rd       Stoke                                88
 5th      Cannock & Stafford        79
 6th      Burton                               76
 7th      Telford                              72
 8th      Shrewsbury                       41

 M40 100m   1st A Weetman(C&S) 12.3   2nd  R Cawson(M45)(Burton)  12.4 
 3rd Drew(M45)(Telf)12.8  4th T Cole(M60) (R.S.C.)  15.4  5th L Spittle (W&B)  15.7

  M40  400m A  1st I Moody(Telf) 55.9  2nd T Hinchley(R.S.C.) 58.1  3rd R Cawson(M45)(Burton) 58.1

  4th A Weetman (C&S) 62.6  5th A Burt(M45)(Stoke) 65.8  6th L Spittle(W&B)  68.7

  M40  400m B  1st C Shaw(Burton) 58.3  2nd D Drew(M45)(Telf) 59.2  3rd R Phipps(M60)(R.S.C.) 64.7

  4th T Faulkner(M60)(C&S) 66.1 5th J Abbiss(W&B) 66.9

  M40  1500m A  1st N Share(W&B) 4.24.0.  2nd P Plant(Telf) 4.26.9  3rdJ Danahay(Stoke) 4.28.0.

  4th A Hough(Burton) 4.30.1 5th D Constance(C&S) 4.40.7 6th T Hinchley(R.S.C.) 4.45.8

  M40  1500m B  1st R Phipps(M60)(R.S.C.) 4.43.7  2nd B Peacock(C&S) 4.45.0.  3rd C Shaw(Burton)4.49.6

  4thP Carroll(W&B) 5.15.5  5th A Burt(M45)(Stoke) 5.24.8

  M40 2k Walk    1st J Culshaw Jnr (Tam) 11.26.7  2nd D Fall(M55)(R.S.C) 11.50.3)

  3rd J Abbiss(W&B)  15.03.2

  4 x 200m Relay  1st Telford 1.51.2  2nd R.S.C 1.51.9  3rdTamworth 1.53.7  4th C & S  1.58.8

  5th Stoke  2.00.6  6th  W & B  2.07.9

  M40 Hammer     1st M Roberts(C&S) 41.50m  2nd C Howell(M50)(Stoke) 30.87m

  3rd R Steventon(M50)(W&B) 25.16m  4th B Sumner (M65)(Tam) 23.69m

  5th M Leath (M50) (Shrew) 18.87m  6th M Kelsall (M45) (Burt) 17.68m

  7th G Young (M60) (R.S.C) 16.76m  8th J Bradley (M60)(Telf) 15.04m

  M40  High Jump  1st A Osbourne(W&B) 1.65m  2nd A Rose (R.S.C) 1.55m

  3rd M Warrilow (M50)(Stoke) 1.50m  4th M Kelsall(M45)(Burton) 1.40m

  5th  C Green(M60)(Tam) 1.35m     6th P Duckers(M60)( Shrew) 1.35m

  7th D Drew(M45)( Telf) 1.30m

  M40 Javelin        1st J Culshaw Jnr (Tam) 37.48m  2nd D Price (M60)(R.S.C ) 30.97m

 3rd R Steventon (M50)( W&B) 30.71m 4th M Leath (M50)(Shrew) 27.43m

 5th C Howell (M50)(Stoke) 23.34m        6th J Turner (M65)(C&S)  15.81m

 M40 Triple Jump  1st A Osbourne (W&B) 10.60m  2nd I Moody (Telf) 10.11m   

   3rdJ Bartlett (M50)(Tam)  8.65m  4th A Weetman (C&S)  8.41m

   5th  M Kelsall (M45)(Burt)  8.32m  6th T Cole (M60)(R.S.C )  7.27m


  M50  100m     1st M Warrilow ( Stoke) 13.0.  2nd G Felton (M55)(R.S.C ) 13.4  3rd  J Bartlett (Tam) 14.1

 4th D Russell (W&B) 16.0.      5th  J Millington (Burton)  16.1

 M50  1500m    1st P Parker (R.S.C )  5.02.6    2nd R Ibbs (Stoke) 5.03.9   3rd B Moran (Tam)  5.04.8

 4th M Dawes (Telf)  5.19.5    5th D Harding (W&B) 5.28.2  6th T Buss (C&S) 5.38.2

 7th J Millington (Burt) 6.29.3

  M50 Triple Jump 1st M Warrilow (Stoke)  9.80m  2nd P Duckers (M60)(Shrew) 9.35m

 3rd  C Green (M60)( Tam) 9.27m  4th J Topliss (M60)( R.S.C ) 8.83m

 5th D Harding (W&B) 6.42m  6th N Carter (M70)(Burt)  6.25m

 M60   100m     1st P Duckers ( Shrew) 13.7  2nd J Topliss (R.S.C )  13.9  3rd J Bradley (Telf) 14.7

 4th C Green (Tam)  15.2   5th T Faulkmer (C&S)  16.4   6th B Eggleton (Stoke) 17.8

7th N Carter (M70)( Burt)  18.2

M60  2k Walk  1st G Chapman (M70)(R.S.C ) 13.19.5  2nd D Hindley (Stoke)  13.28.4

3rd  J Culshaw Snr (M65)(Tam)  13.29.3  4th T Farr (Burt)  14.57.0.

5th  D Fellows (C&S) 15.06.8

M60  Shot        1st P Duckers (Shrew) 10.76m   2nd B Sumner (M65)(Tam)  9.53m

3rd G Young (R.S.C )   8.21m    4th  J Turner (M65)(C&S)   7.42m

5th J Reade (M65)(Telf)  7.26m  6th  B Eggleton (Stoke)    7.12m

7th  N Carter M70)(Burt)  6.05m


1st Cannock & Stafford                      105
2nd  R.S.C.                                           103
3rd  Telford                                           96
4th  Tamworth                                      64
5th  Burton                                            53
6th  Shrewsbury                                   40
7th  W&B                                              23

W35 A  100m  1st S McDonald (W40) (R.S.C )  14.0  2nd  C Parry (Shrew) 14.6  3rd G Russon (C&S)  14.7

4Th M Hawksworth (Burt)  15.4   5th J Oliver (Telf)  15.6   6th S Humphries (Tam)  17.1


W35 B  100m  1st J Pryce (W40) (R.S.C ) 14.6   2nd A Wainwright (W45)(C&S) 15.0

                         3rd L Blagden (Telf)  15.4  4th P Higgins (W45)(Shrew)  16.6  5th D O’Brian (R.S.C ) 18.3

                         6th  M Beardsmore (Tam) 23.6


W35  400m     1st J Hewson (Telf) 68.1  2nd G Russon (C&S) 71.9 3rd M Hawksworth (Burt) 75.4

                         4th A.N.Other (R.S.C )  77.3  5th S Humphries (Tam) 86.4


W35 A 1500m  1st C Evans(W40) (Telf) 5.09.3  2nd H Wyeth (R.S.C ) 5.19.8  3rd C Kilkenny (W50)(C&S) 5.25.3

                          4th S Humphries (Tam) 7.31.6


W35 B 1500m   1st A.N.Other (Telf) 5.39.4  2nd F Duffy (R.S.C ) 5.47.8 

                           3rd D Fellows (W55)(C&S)  5.57.2


W35 High Jump  1st E Jebb (Shrew) 1.25m  2nd J Oliver (Telf) 1.20m

                              3rd S McDonald (W40)(R.S.C ) 1.20m  4th G Russon (C&S) 1.10m

                              5th J Kelsall W50)(Burt)  1.05m


W35 (Cont)



W35 Javelin  1st P Higgins (W45)(Shrew) 16.17m   2nd  D Harrison (Burt) 14.51m

                       3rd A George (W40)(C&S)   13.83m   4th M Lewington (W55)(R.S.C ) 13.47m

                      5th  M Harding (W&B)   11.89m    6th J Oliver (Telf)  11.67m


W35 4 x 200m Relay   1st R.S.C.  2.00.2   2nd C&S  2.12.9  3rd Telford 2.20.9  4th Tamworth 2.24.4




W45  400m   1st A Wainwright (C&S)  72.2   2nd C Lyon-Green (W50)(Tam)  86.7

                      3rd F O’Brien (W50)(R.S.C )  86.7   4th J Hailey (W50)(Telf)  89.0



W45  1500m   1st C Rollason (W50)(C&S)  6.10.9   2nd F O’Brien (W50)(R.S.C )  6.33.8

                        3rd J Hailey (W50)(Telf)  6.45.4       4th M Beardsmore (Tam) 7.59.4


W45 High Jump  1st A Wainwright (C&S)  1.20m   2nd J Stafford (W50)(Burt)  1.15m





W50  100m   1st M Lewington (W55)(R.S.C )  14.6    2nd J Kelsall (Burt)  16.9

                      3rd C Lyon-Green (Tam)   17.1    4th P Furness (Telf)  17.2

                      5th J Bryan W60)(C&S)   20.5


W50 Hammer  1st  M Harding (W&B)  22.86m   2nd  J Peleszok (Shrew) 16.56m

                          3rd P Furness (Telf)   15.78m        4th J Kelsall (Burt) 13.37m

                          5th D O’Brien (R.S.C )  10.13m



Both of these competitions were extremely well fought with RSC men coming out convincing winners  but only one point dividing the next three teams, It looks like a battle royal looming for second spot.


In the ladies competition it looks like three teams will be battling it out for supremacy with only nine points separating them.  It looks like we are in for some exiting competition in the Northern division.

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